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Apparently, Mafia III takes place in the late 60’s-to-mid-70’s, as this trailer prominently features a black Vietnam War veteran who has been wronged in some way and enlists his own “family” to exact revenge — and also Vito Scaletti, the main character of previous Mafia games, is there too. I’m not sure why. Also, he feeds a dude to gators.

This looks rad, even if it is very different from previous entries.

It’s about time — said to be in production a few years ago, then rumored to be a launch title for this generation of consoles, the Mafia Three rumor mill had gone silent… Until now. There isn’t much info, just the above image promising more at Gamescom (where we’ll also see more of Quantum Break, Crackdown, and Scalebound — a veritable cornucopia of Microsoft exclusives) next month. And also next week. It’s the same thing, you see.

Alright, I understand not everyone would be as hyped about this as I am. Mafia II got a bad rap, for reasons I’ve never fully understood. As far as I can tell, it’s because it was seen as a GTA clone, but without the activities in the world, but that’s not something to hold against it. Mafia has always been a story-driven series that just takes place in an open game world. To fault it for not having myriad side missions is missing the point entirely, and I hope 2K Czech doesn’t water down the game to please those who took issue with a perceived lack of content.

Let’s also not forget that Mafia II heralded some crazy new advancements in technology — released in 2010,  it was one of the first games to utilize PhysX, allowing for environment destructibility and cloth physics that are still pretty impressive. Hopefully Mafia III can wow us just as much.