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Entitled “Gotham is Mine”, this new trailer gives you a hot look at all the criminally insane weirdos that Batman is going to punch into submission. It features such stalwarts as:

  • Clown Girl
  • The Inquirer
  • The Half Man
  • Mr. Burlap
  • Pantsless Plant
  • Robo-Bat
  • The Kingpin

This also carries the coveted Peggy Eighteen rating, meaning the recent news about it being rated M by the ESRB will also be the case overseas — strange, as plenty of games rated M here simply get a Peggy Sixteen across the pond. This leads me to believe there’s more gnarly shit in Arkham Knight than we’re being led to believe.

From Paul Thomas Anderson, creator of moody, introspective character studies such as There Will Be Blood and The Master, comes this wacky-ass Lebowski-esque farce starring Joaquin Phoenix’s dope sideburns and gay Jewish Nazi bikers.

I mean, yes, PTA also made Boogie Nights, but that was quite a while ago.  Looks like he’s still got it in him.


It’s hard to believe, after being on the back burner for so long, that Sin City 2 is finally a reality. A new trailer shows more of the characters, including a new look for Nancy (who has a brand new story written by Frank Miller just for this movie, as a follow-up to That Yellow Bastard) and a lot more Powers Boothe action. As we all know, more Powers Boothe is always a good thing.

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For hits theaters on August 22nd.

Hunt (or, if you’re into screaming, HUNT) is the debut game from Crytek USA… Formerly Vigil, before that whole “THQ exploding into messy chunks” thing. You may know Vigil as the crew that made the Darksiders games, one of which I very much enjoyed!

Hunt, from what little info is out there, seems to be a Left 4 Dead type of experience, but in third person and in the 1800’s. The art design in particular seems top notch, but until there’s some solid gameplay footage it’s hard to tell exactly how this all comes together.

Sonic Boom, one of three exclusive Nintendo Sonic games, will be coming to the 3DS as well as the Wii U. The above trailer shows off some of the 3DS version’s gameplay, which is noticeably different than its home console counterpart. Rather than running around in 3D and beating things up, this version of Sonic Boom appears to be focusing more on 2D platforming and speed. In that sense, it looks better than the Wii U version of the game, but this is still a Sonic title so the actual quality is still up in the air.

During another segment of Nintendo’s “Digital Event”, they debuted a trailer for the 3DS’s hottest jam, Layton V Wright, alongside a release date. As the resident Phoenix Wright Editor, I am PUMPED! It also seems this will be getting a full retail release, not eShop-only like Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies and the upcoming Phoenix Wright Trilogy.