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George Lucas is tone deaf in a lot of ways. Some (like myself) would argue that deafness is one of the leading factors contributing to the prequel trilogy missing the mark by such a wide margin, and that same deafness explains why George doubles down on those films as something “experimental.” All things considered, it’s a bit baffling to me that Lucas would sell the property off to Disney, a move that from top of bottom was probably the best that could be made for all parties involved. However, it’s become apparent in the aftermath of the buyout that Lucas regrets his decision, having likened it to a bad divorce, and voicing repeatedly how upset he was over the fact that Disney wanted to make a movie “for the fans.”

While speaking to Charlie Rose, George railed even harder on Disney, stating “[The Star Wars films] are my kids. I loved them, I created them, I’m very intimately involved with them and I sold them to the white slavers that take these things…” He trailed off there and shifted gears, realizing that he probably didn’t make the most mature or level-headed comparison. Oopsie doodles.

The Force Awakens is nearing its second full week in theaters and has already grossed a whopping 1.28 billion worldwide. Without adjusting for inflation, it currently tops all previous Star Wars films.


Sony has already come out ahead of E3 and admitted that their first party lineup leaves a lot to be desired. Will they throw us all for a curveball and announce some major titles? What of Last Guardian, will we see more of it or is it finally dead for good? Will we finally get a remake of Final Fantasy VII?? What about the vita games!?

Let’s face it, it’s going to be two hours of Uncharted 4, and everybody will love it.

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NOBODY SAW THIS ONE COMING! The good thing is that the starter set shown at the end comes with Annie and some orange girl. This keeps me from spending money until these things are on a deep discount, which will probably be November.

There will be 3 Star Wars playsets, one full of prequel bullshit (this is the one in the starter set), one with original trilogy areas, and one based on The Force Awakens, which will probably come out shortly after the movie.

Non-Star Wars, and thus irrelevant, stuff added in 3.0 are as follows: new Marvel playset based on Age of Ultron, with corresponding new figures (Ultron, Hulkbuster Iron Man). New Disney Originals figures, including Mulan, That Dumb Asshole Snowman From Frozen, and Olivia Wilde From Tron, Whatever Her Character’s Name Was.

I know what the kids are into, and it’s 40-year-old science fiction movies.

Well now there’s a trailer! It claims this is in the “game engine,” which is a good way to make their bullshit seem impressive without actually saying it’s gameplay, which it clearly is not.

Still, if the game looks anything close to this, it’ll be extremely impressive. More than anything, I’m posting this as a record to point back to when actual gameplay is shown and it’s completely underwhelming. Full transparency.

tiefighterGOG has struck some sort of deal with Disney Interactive, now license-holders for all (or most, anyway) previous LucasArts properties. You can now find Tie Fighter and X-Wing for non-ridiculous prices ($9.99 each) as well as classic adventure games Sam & Max Hit The Road and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. This marks the first digital release of these games, and more are promised in the near future — hopefully this means all the Schafer classics (Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, Grim Fandango) will make it there as well.


Rian Johnson, director of Looper and two of the best Breaking Bad episodes, is now attached to Star Wars. The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline state that Johnson will be writing and directing Episode XIII. His involvement with Episode IX is a little murky, with some sources saying he is set to direct the film while others state he is only writing the treatment.

Harrison Ford’s shattered leg was unavailable for comment.