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Starting soon, here comes Sony with their batch of nonsense. Will Hideo Kojima show up? How much time will be dedicated to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (answer: too much)? Will we all die of old age while watching montages of mediocre-looking VR games? Here we gooooooooooo!

welcome to the 70th annual Tony awards

welcome to the 70th annual Tony awards


God of War 4 is being shown, with Kratos showing some kid how to hunt. Kratos has a beard, and the game is shown from an over-the-shoulder perspective now. It seems like an entirely different game, very much like the recent Tomb Raiders. I’m totally okay with that, especially with the implication that now Kratos will be murdering his way through the Norse pantheon.

Just called God of War. Reboots, they’re so hot right now!

Short trailer for DaysGone, a post-apocalyptic game about bikers?

Another short trailer for The Last Guardian, now with a date of October 25th, this year.

Also some gameplay of Horizon: Zero Dawn, which still looks super good.

Also some gameplay of Horizon: Zero Dawn, which still looks super good.

There’s also a bit for Detroit: Become Human, Quantic Dream’s latest over-promising disaster.

And now some sort of horror game, so I don’t care. Oh, it’s Resident EVIIl. EVIL. 7. Evil7. Killer7. It’s only on VR, apparently.


Some VR things, and some CoD: Infinite Warfare.

Then, Crash Bandicoot is teased, but it’s just remakes of 1, 2, and Warped, plus Crash is in the new Skylanders. George is currently in a murderous rage.

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out in a couple of weeks, in case you forgot.

Andrew House coming out to not talk about the Playstation NEO.


Kojima’s here to show the first thing from his NEW GAME!

It stars Norman Reedus, of P.T. fame, and is called Death Stranding.

It stars Norman Reedus, of P.T. fame, and is called Death Stranding. It also looks hella weird.

Insomniac is making a Spider-Man game that actually looks pretty cool.

Then there was a longer gameplay clip of DaysGone, and surprise, it’s a zombie game. Looks super boring, although the hordes of zombos and gollums look pretty good in motion.


THE END. George is still mad about Crash.

Three hundred ninety-nine US dollars.

Three hundred ninety-nine US dollars.

Announced today at the Game Developer’s Conference, Sony’s Playstation VR will retail for $399 USD and launch in October of this year. Competing VR headests from Oculus and Vive have been priced at $599 and $799 respectively, making Sony’s device the most affordable on the market. However, if you lack a dualshock or move controller, and a Playstation Eye, that price tag could go up a bit, as both are required for some games. The package that releases in October only include the headset, external processing unit, headphones, and cables.

Sony promises the Playstation VR will be supported with over 50 games between its launch date and the end of the year, although the scope and quality of those titles is still currently unknown, as is what kind of price point they will retail at. Playroom VR will also be available for free at launch, and will include six games meant to demo the headset’s capabilities.

Still, the real question for me is whether or not there’s really that much of a demand in the mass market for VR, and how much the large price points for these headsets are going to dissuade consumers from investing in them. The Kinect launched at a fraction of the price that the Playstation VR is aiming for, and had a hard time maintaining a software library worth giving a crap about. It will be interesting to see how everything shakes down in October.


I feel like I’ve been hearing about No Man’s Sky for years and years now, but on June 21st, I might actually get to play it. That is, of course, if the game is not *~delayed further into 2016~*.

No Man’s Sky will apparently retail for a whopping 60$, and I’m not quite sold on that price. If you’re a crazy person, you can drop a fat stack (roughly 150$) for the Explorer’s edition, which will include a hand-painted cast metal display of the Atlas ship in 1:35 scale. It even comes with some decals to make it your very own. The CE will also come with a special mystery item to be revealed at a later date. The mystery item could be anything!

The Explorer’s edition will only be available thorugh iam8bit, and only contains a code for the PC version of the game, though. PS4 owners can snag a special edition of their own, however, which includes a art book, a “starter pack” of various ship upgrades and weapons, comic book, and comes packaged in a steelbook case all for a cool 80$.


You’re probably already well aware of what a “Let’s Play” is, but if not, this listing on Trademarkia does a decent job of laying it out. This listing also details that Sony is attempting to trademark the term “Let’s Play”. Thankfully, the status of the trademark is non-final, and as of December 29th, clarification on Sony’s part is being requested. Although it’s purely speculation, it’s possible the trademark is being filed so Sony can use it for an upcoming service on their devices, as a tagline, or for other marketing purposes, thereby preventing competitors from using the term. That said, it’s entirely possible it won’t have any real impact on, say, Youtubers or Twitch streamers.

However, it’s all kind of up in the air, so the only thing we can say concretely is that Sony is attempting to take ownership of the term.

UPDATE 1-11-16: It appears as though the trademark application has been denied. Sony hasn’t commented on what their intent with the trademark was, but I guess that wraps everything up.

Both myself and DAC’s very own Larry Davis felt that Bloodborne was lacking in content, though the degree to which varied between us. There’s no denying though, compared to other entries in From Software’s Souls series, Bloodborne had a significant lack of weapons, locations, and magic.

It’s unclear if the forthcoming DLC for Bloodborne, titled The Old Hunters, will add enough of those to put the game on par with its predecessors, but it does at least show that some consideration is going into diversifying content. That’s good in theory, but we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see how well it’s executed.


Marvel and Sony have announced that, after ousting the fantastic Andrew Garfield, the new Marvel-controlled Spider-Man will be portrayed by Tom Holland. Holland is apparently 19, though this seems like the thing in hentai where the loli character is said to be thousands of years old. Disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself, Marvel.

This new, cherubic Peter Parker will debut in Captain America: Civil War next May, where Steve Rogers will probably change his diaper or try to feed him applesauce with hilarious results.


Sony has already come out ahead of E3 and admitted that their first party lineup leaves a lot to be desired. Will they throw us all for a curveball and announce some major titles? What of Last Guardian, will we see more of it or is it finally dead for good? Will we finally get a remake of Final Fantasy VII?? What about the vita games!?

Let’s face it, it’s going to be two hours of Uncharted 4, and everybody will love it.

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this is not a joke, I repeat, not a joke

this is not a joke, I repeat, not a joke

Not to be outdone by Apple’s latest dumbass shit, now there’s an official PlayStation Watch. It doesn’t do anything fancy, it’s just a watch, and it doesn’t have any numbers on it. Instead, it features the (literally) iconic PlayStation symbols on its face.

This is really stupid. It costs $45. You can buy it here if you’re an idiot who hates having money.


If you’ve been reading anything about Bloodborne between now and its release, you might have seen quite a few people complain about absurdly long load times. Having timed it myself, they reach upwards 45 seconds, and you’re treated to them every single time you die. That happens to be a lot, that’s sort of the point. Framerate drops are also common enough to be a bit an issue, occurring routinely in a few places in the early game, which – due to the aforementioned dieing a fucking lot – are revisited often.

Thankfully, Sony and From Software are both aware of the issue, and are working on a new patch that should fix it.

The development team is currently exploring another patch for Bloodborne, seeking ways to improve load time duration, in addition to other performance optimizations and miscellaneous bug fixes.

There is no ETA on the patch, so in the meantime feel free to read a book or something inbetween your many deaths.