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The latest in the long line of people yelling “ALRIGHT FINE I’M GOING TO IMAGE” is the legendary Kurt Busiek (Astro City, JLA/Avengers), who’s writing “Tooth and Claw,” a comic about boar shamans or something. It’s Busiek, so it’ll be great, whatever.

The series features art by newcomer Ben Dewey, and will debut in November with a double-sized first issue.

Click above for the full cover.

Click above for the full cover.

Cartoonist Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth, Essex County) is following up his Vertigo sci-fi miniseries Trillium with a new sci-fi ongoing for Image! Until now, Lemire has been in contract with DC, but despite being released from his exclusivity, he will continue writing various projects for them, including a series of Teen Titans: Earth One graphic novels.

Dustin Nguyen (Detective Comics, WildCATS 3.0) will be contributing the art, using watercolors over his own pencils. The series will follow a young robot attempting to live on the lam, running from bounty hunters in a world where all artificial life has been outlawed. No timeframe is given, but the series will debut at some point in 2015.


Pictured: Al Simmons, as last seen in Image United, where he was a villain, apparently?

Spawn creator and sometimes artist Todd McFarlane announced that in the upcoming Spawn #250, the title will have an all-new creative team. McFarlane has been writing the series almost constantly since its inception in 1992.

In addition, the moniker of Spawn will return to the original Hellspawn, Al Simmons, whom the series was focused on until a shift in direction a few years ago. Will this make me start reading Spawn again? Probably not!

Sam Raimi announced at Comic Con that not only was he producing The Last of Us movie, he was also working on an Evil Dead television show.  This news has singlehandedly renewed my interest in The Last Of Us movie, of which I thought would just be cutscenes from the game.

As for the television show, all we know for sure is that it’s starring Bruce Campbell, and that’s essentially all we really need to know. The question remains of what kind of adventures Ash will be going on in this series, but it is definitely something to look forward to.

“The only similarity is the name.” – Hornswoggle, SDCC 2014

If you’re like me, you’re a huge fan of the goofy Leprechaun horror movies, a series which absolutely peaked with Leprechaun in the Hood. You can’t go much higher than that, so it comes as no surprise that WWE Studios and Lionsgate are going back to completely reboot the series. Sadly, the level of self-awareness that I’ve come to expect from both the Leprechaun series and WWE seems to be absent from Origins, as proven by the redesigned look of the titular character.

For your first look at the new Leprechaun, click the break.

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An email just sent out by Comixology has some pretty exciting news for weirdos like me who care about this sort of stuff:

Dear Comics Enthusiast,

You are receiving this email because we now offer DRM-free backups of one or more of the books you’ve purchased on comiXology. You can now download and store PDF or CBZ copies of those books.

You can find the list of books you own that support DRM-free backup on in the My Backups tab of the My Books area.

Publisher participating at launch of this feature are Image Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, Zenescope Entertainment, MonkeyBrain Comics, Thrillbent, and Top Shelf Productions.

To learn more about DRM-free books, check out our FAQ page. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at or on Twitter at @cmxsupport.

Your Friends at comiXology

You can read more at the official page. This is a pretty big step, and specifically seems meant to assuage the fear some people had after their acquisition by Amazon.

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Continuing Image’s efforts to be the only publisher worth reading, Rick Remender (FEAR Agent, The Punisher, Uncanny X-Force) and Sean Murphy (Punk Rock Jesus, American Vampire, The Wake) are teaming up for a new series in the Summer of 2015.

Tokyo Ghost will take place in a future-world where things are all fucked and it’s because of technology, which sounds REALLY innovative and unique. But seriously, with this creative team it’s hard to imagine the series not turning out awesome. It’s still pretty far from release, but there is an unlettered preview available on CBR.


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Hellboy is still in Hell, unfortunately, but that hasn’t stopped Hellboy Auteur Mike Mignola from bringing him back into the world of the living. Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. takes place in the 50’s, when Hellboy first joined the B.P.R.D. and made it the coalition of humans and demons/fish-men/ghosts that it is today.

The series will be co-written with regular B.P.R.D. scribe John Arcudi and illustrated by Alex Maleev (Daredevil, Scarlet, Moon Knight).

You can read a full interview CBR conducted with Mignola here.