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The saga of Red Ash, Keiji Inafune’s proposed successor to Mega Man Legends, goes a little something like this: Inafune pitched a game not many people wanted, asked for way too much and showed basically nothing for it, then at the 11th hour revealed that he had funding lined up anyway through FUZE, a Chinese company who has a really legit looking webpage with a picture of Master Chief standing over a bullet-ridden Ouya declaring games in their current form are dead. I might be missing a few beats here or there because, frankly, the story of Red Ash has been kind of a trainwreck.

However, one successful element in Inafune’s plan to force you to digest Red Ash is a kickstarter campaign to create an anime based on the game. The kickstarter earned just over 150k, but now Inafune wants more, stating that the currently funded amount will only allow for a whopping 12 minutes of footage. The new campaign is seeking an additional 128,118 so Inafune’s vision of making more money can finally see the light of day.

If you want to take pity, you can throw a few bucks at the campaign here. Although I wouldn’t recommend it.

"You guys all better eat a dick, cause Keiji Inafune beat the system."

“You guys all better eat a dick, cause Keiji Inafune beat the system.”

According to an article published on Game Informer’s website, Mighty No.9 is likely not going to meet its September 15th release date. Word of the delay is coming down from Gamestop, Game Informer’s parent company, who are now listing the game as launching on 12/31/2016. Of course, this isn’t an exact release date, but rather representative of a wider “eh, sometime in 2016 probably” window.

Mighty No.9 was already far off from its original release window of April 2015, and so far it doesn’t seem that either Deep Silver or Comcept is bothering to alert anybody to the change themselves. This is likely due to the negative press they’ve gained in the last few days over their disastrous Red Ash kickstarter, though remaining silent on the matter certainly isn’t going to generate any good will.

Courtesy of FUZE's website. My favorite thing here is that the Xbox One is on fucking fire.

Courtesy of FUZE’s website. My favorite thing here is that the Xbox One is on fucking fire.

Keiji Inafune may have found considerable success with his kickstarter for Mighty No.9, but his spiritual successor to Mega Man Legends, titled Red Ash, has had a hell of a time meeting its funding goal. Currently, it’s only slightly over halfway to its 800k goal, sitting at about 480k with 3 days to go. I was fully prepared to wait it out and report here about its failure, but it seems that Inafune has found a publisher in a Chinese company called FUZE. You should check their website out. It sure is something.

Funding will instead go towards meeting stretch goals, paving the way for more content in the final release. What kind of content can you expect?

“Exactly what are those stretch goals? We’re sorry to say that will have to wait a little while longer!”

Oh well ok.

It’s incredibly fascinating to see how poorly and ill-received the Red Ash kickstarter has been considering it’s from the same folks behind Mighty No.9.