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The opening to the above trailer really “gets it” when it comes to the quality of the Sonic franchise. Speeding through Sonic’s history, it eventually hits a point where everything begins to rewind, and an admission that things haven’t been so great flashes up on the screen. In an odd moment of sobriety, SEGA realizes that what made the Sonic games so iconic are locked up in the 90s.

So here’s Sonic Mania, which appears to be taking a page from Mega Man 9 and 10’s book, and that kind of announcement is coming at what may be the most crucial time for this franchise. Generations was a hit, and Colors did well for SEGA, but the goodwill earned by those two titles was quickly undone by Lost Worlds and Sonic Boom. The latter of which marked a record low in sales for the franchise. If Sonic wasn’t on life support before, that certainly put him there.

Mania shows promise, though many could cite the “Sonic Cycle” as being in full effect here. However, Christian Whitehead, who spearheaded the HD remake of Sonic CD and the iphone ports of Sonic 1 and 2 appears to be closely tied to the project, and that’s the key element that might just set this thing apart. Sonic CD was incredibly well handled, and what was even more impressive about it was that Whitehead essentially had to remake the original physics engine from the ground up. While I haven’t played the iphone versions of Sonic 1 and 2, they are also held in high regard. Whitehead tried to remake a cut level and additional final boss stage for CD, but his efforts were shot down. He later got his chance to make a brand new level in an official capacity in the form of Hidden Palace Zone for the iphone release of Sonic 2. It looks like now he’s going to be able to do a whole lot more, as Sonic Mania will not only feature remixed versions of classic levels, but will have brand new levels with original assets. Even Sonic’s sprite has undergone a redesign of sort, though it retains just enough of the charm that made the original 90s design of the character work.

Sonic Mania will release in Spring 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The reveal trailer for Koei Temco’s Berserk Musou maybe leaned a bit too hard into the rapey aspects of Berserk. An accurate, if not a bit disarming representation of the source material they hope to adapt into a big dumb Dynasty Warrior-style game. Thankfully, the second trailer – while still leaning on the aforementioned rapey rape – features some actual gameplay. Sure enough, it looks like a Musou game, but for fans of the series it’s probably enough to get them invested leading up to the game’s late September release.

Starting soon, here comes Sony with their batch of nonsense. Will Hideo Kojima show up? How much time will be dedicated to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (answer: too much)? Will we all die of old age while watching montages of mediocre-looking VR games? Here we gooooooooooo!

welcome to the 70th annual Tony awards

welcome to the 70th annual Tony awards


God of War 4 is being shown, with Kratos showing some kid how to hunt. Kratos has a beard, and the game is shown from an over-the-shoulder perspective now. It seems like an entirely different game, very much like the recent Tomb Raiders. I’m totally okay with that, especially with the implication that now Kratos will be murdering his way through the Norse pantheon.

Just called God of War. Reboots, they’re so hot right now!

Short trailer for DaysGone, a post-apocalyptic game about bikers?

Another short trailer for The Last Guardian, now with a date of October 25th, this year.

Also some gameplay of Horizon: Zero Dawn, which still looks super good.

Also some gameplay of Horizon: Zero Dawn, which still looks super good.

There’s also a bit for Detroit: Become Human, Quantic Dream’s latest over-promising disaster.

And now some sort of horror game, so I don’t care. Oh, it’s Resident EVIIl. EVIL. 7. Evil7. Killer7. It’s only on VR, apparently.


Some VR things, and some CoD: Infinite Warfare.

Then, Crash Bandicoot is teased, but it’s just remakes of 1, 2, and Warped, plus Crash is in the new Skylanders. George is currently in a murderous rage.

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out in a couple of weeks, in case you forgot.

Andrew House coming out to not talk about the Playstation NEO.


Kojima’s here to show the first thing from his NEW GAME!

It stars Norman Reedus, of P.T. fame, and is called Death Stranding.

It stars Norman Reedus, of P.T. fame, and is called Death Stranding. It also looks hella weird.

Insomniac is making a Spider-Man game that actually looks pretty cool.

Then there was a longer gameplay clip of DaysGone, and surprise, it’s a zombie game. Looks super boring, although the hordes of zombos and gollums look pretty good in motion.


THE END. George is still mad about Crash.

Here’s hoping the playerbase doesn’t fall as quickly as the first game, which was narrowly beaten for our 2014 Best Multiplayer Golden Gizmo by some weird semi-browser game full of bugs and insanity. You have George (and the aforementioned exodus of players) to thank for that one.

No date is given in this very short, unsubstantial teaser, but it’s prooobably safe to say that it’ll be late this year or early next year. It does mention a “worldwide reveal” on June 12th, because I guess this trailer isn’t a reveal, and the internet isn’t worldwide. Man, what have I been doing all this time?


I feel like I’ve been hearing about No Man’s Sky for years and years now, but on June 21st, I might actually get to play it. That is, of course, if the game is not *~delayed further into 2016~*.

No Man’s Sky will apparently retail for a whopping 60$, and I’m not quite sold on that price. If you’re a crazy person, you can drop a fat stack (roughly 150$) for the Explorer’s edition, which will include a hand-painted cast metal display of the Atlas ship in 1:35 scale. It even comes with some decals to make it your very own. The CE will also come with a special mystery item to be revealed at a later date. The mystery item could be anything!

The Explorer’s edition will only be available thorugh iam8bit, and only contains a code for the PC version of the game, though. PS4 owners can snag a special edition of their own, however, which includes a art book, a “starter pack” of various ship upgrades and weapons, comic book, and comes packaged in a steelbook case all for a cool 80$.


According to Square-Enix, the FFVII remake will be “told across a multi-part series, with each entry providing its own unique experience.” However, they’re not currently talking about how many episodes the game will span, nor how long the wait inbetween episodes or price per episode will be.

It’s a strange move considering FFVII was already released once, all in one package, but hey, it worked out well enough for Resident Evil Revelations 2, so who knows. Although it’d really be something if this highly anticipated remake everyone has been wanting turns out to be not very good.


At their PlayStation Experience, Sony announced a release date for Yakuza 5. Previously set for the nebulous timeframe of “Fall”, and later “mid-November”, which went by with no mention, Yakuza 5 will now see our baka gaijin shores on December 8th.

That’s great, but the big news here is that Yakuza 0, the next game in the series, a prequel focusing on Kazuma and Majima in the late 80s, will also come out in “the Americas” (meaning “fuck you, Europe!”) in the future. Unlike Y5, which is relegated to a digital-only release, 0 will also received a physical edition here.

No date was given for 0, but it will likely be late next year or early 2017. Or maybe 2317. Who knows.


Last year’s Game Awards was an unmitigated disaster. Poor musical guests, gross pandering, and some of the most insane camera cuts I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Well, sleepy-eyed Geoff Keighley is at it again, and you know what that means… I’m going to watch the game awards so you don’t have to.

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That’s pretty much all there is to say on the matter! Above is a short clip with Kitano saying something about “big brother,” I believe, probably referring to a character and not the Orwellian concept. Or maybe he’s saying “Kept you waiting, huh?”

Meanwhile, here’s a hot n phresh trailer for Yakuza Kiwami, the Yakuza 1 remake: