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Three hundred ninety-nine US dollars.

Three hundred ninety-nine US dollars.

Announced today at the Game Developer’s Conference, Sony’s Playstation VR will retail for $399 USD and launch in October of this year. Competing VR headests from Oculus and Vive have been priced at $599 and $799 respectively, making Sony’s device the most affordable on the market. However, if you lack a dualshock or move controller, and a Playstation Eye, that price tag could go up a bit, as both are required for some games. The package that releases in October only include the headset, external processing unit, headphones, and cables.

Sony promises the Playstation VR will be supported with over 50 games between its launch date and the end of the year, although the scope and quality of those titles is still currently unknown, as is what kind of price point they will retail at. Playroom VR will also be available for free at launch, and will include six games meant to demo the headset’s capabilities.

Still, the real question for me is whether or not there’s really that much of a demand in the mass market for VR, and how much the large price points for these headsets are going to dissuade consumers from investing in them. The Kinect launched at a fraction of the price that the Playstation VR is aiming for, and had a hard time maintaining a software library worth giving a crap about. It will be interesting to see how everything shakes down in October.

This is what Sony chose to take an absurd amount of time during their E3 press conference to promote: a sub-fan film-quality adaptation of one of the best comics currently running. Awkward dialogue, schizophrenic tone, characterization that’s completely different from the comic, and Inception BWOMMMM noises. Eddie Izzard is the sole high point in this trailer, but that’s to be expected. He’s fucking Eddie Izzard.


Sony shocked the world today by reminding us all that Home is a thing that still exists. The company plans to cease support for Home in several phases, starting November 12th by ceasing the release of new content, and culminating in March 31st, 2015, with a full shutdown. Users who helped support Home will receive some free content as a thank you, but they’ll never truly get back the money they blew on virtual sofas and bar stools.