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Here you can see Hideki Kamiya heself introduce Scalebound, a XONE-exclusive that is now set for holiday 2016. In it, you play as a dude named Drew who has headphones and a dragon arm and can direct the dragon around to breathe fire on stuff to destroy it. It also has loot and damage numbers.

Oh, and it has 4-player co-op, which… Ehhh…


Nier soundtrack composer Keiichi Okabe and Nier/Drakengard 1&3 director Yoko Taro are back for the as-of-yet untitled follow-up. Nier was an incredible game, with a bizarre, bleak storyline, memorable characters, and a New Game+ structure that not only rewarded multiple playthroughs, but made them necessary to get the full story. The game itself was not exactly great, and suffered from multiple fetch quests, but it also shifted genres at a moment’s notice, going from third-person action-RPG to bullet-hell to text adventure.

Platinum’s involvement, then, is a huge boon as it could mean that actually playing the game will be as fun as the rest of the experience. Let’s just hope it’s not the Legend of Korra team.

One more thing of note: the character designs appear to be much more anime this time, similar to the Japan-only Nier Replicant, a direct response to Japanese complaints that Nier‘s style skewed too Western. Personally, i thought it was great, and the ugly, burly Nier fit in with the world wonderfully. But hey, Japan loves their pretty boys, so whaddya gonna do.