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Oh hey, would you look at that. Arkham Knight, previously pulled from Steam for being a fat load of broken garbage, is now back on the marketplace. Furthermore, it appears some of the game’s more glaring issues have been patched, including missing effects, stuttering, and a capped framerate. Hooray!

Ok, maybe celebrating is a bit premature, as it appears the latest version of the game has a host of problems all its own. Here are the big ones to watch out for:

  • Hard drive paging issues, which force users to restart the game periodically. This seems to mostly affect users running Windows 7…
  • 12GBs of suggested RAM for computers running Windows 10 in order to ensure a smoother performance and prevent similar paging issues to those experienced by Windows 7 users. (This was put out by Warner Bros but at the time of this writing is not reflected on the game’s steam page.)
  • No SLI support because what year did you think this was?
  • Although not reported by Warner Bros. directly, there are reports of others experiencing stuttering during cutscenes, the game failing to launch, and in general continuing to be kind of a mess.

The icing on the cake: reviews dated before the 28th of October on the Steam page for Arkham Knight are now being listed as “pre-release” reviews, even though the game totally released prior to now. At this time, it’s not clear exactly who is tagging these reviews as being for a pre-release title, or whether or not it’s the byproduct of the game being delisted and then returning. All things considered, though, it’s patently erroneous. (Update: it looks like these tags are now being removed, although if you still want your sweet delicious icing, you can read this Digital Foundry report that states nothing about Arkham Knight has been improved since the September interim patch.)

If you’re wondering what our review score is for the PC version of Arkham Knight, it’s a 1/10, with zero bloodstained crowbars out of a possible 5 for a combined total of Burn This Game in a Garbage Heap.


I don’t have an image to represent that, so this’ll have to do.


One of the oddest absences from Super Mario Maker is the ability to create checkpoints. Well, as of November 4th that will change.

Nintendo announced that they will be releasing a free patch that will add in the checkpoint function, as well as four other changes: the ability to change mushrooms into fire flowers if you are already super Mario, an enhanced version of fly swatter minigame, levels created by Nintendo operated accounts, and special event levels (though it’s not quite clear what these will be.)

Of course there’s still many more things Mario Maker is sorely missing (like the ability to tag levels, and filter based on tags), but it’s promising in that Nintendo may very well continue to expand upon the game in the future at no cost to consumers. Then again, they might! I don’t know. It’s all speculation, but damn if I’m not happy I can finally add some checkpoints.


Rocksteady pushed out a patch today for the troubled PC port of Arkham Knight. The patch addresses some – though certainly not all – of the game’s issues, including a bug that caused Steam to completely reinstall the game when attempting to verify files, a bug that caused the game to crash once motion blur is activated, and adding ambient occlusion and water dripping effects on the Batsuit and Batmobile back in.

More patches are on the way for those who are still playing the game on PC, though there’s no date set for future patches or when the game will go back up for sale.

“The work is significant and while we are making good progress on improving performance, it will take some time to ensure that we get the right fixes in place.”

Rocksteady also outlined exactly what they are aiming to fix in future patches, which includes:

  • Support for frame rates above 30FPS in the graphics setting menu
  • Fix for low resolution texture bug
  • Improve overall performance and framerate hitches
  • Add more options to the graphics settings menu
  • improvements to hard drive streaming and hitches
  • Address full screen rendering bug on gaming laptops
  • Improvements to system memory and VRAM usage
  • NVIDIA SLI bug fixes
  • Enabling AMD crossfire
  • NVIDIA and AMD updated drivers

Something worth pointing out is that the lack of dripping water effects, ambient occlusion, and high-res textures is attributed to various bugs, rather than them straight up not being included in the game, which is… suspect, but I’m honestly not savvy enough to see whether or not that’s the case. For the time being, water effects have been improved and look on par with the PS4 version, so that’s something at least.

Rocksteady also thanked fans for their patience and “invaluable feedback,” which more or less amounts to frustrated screaming on message boards.


If you’ve been reading anything about Bloodborne between now and its release, you might have seen quite a few people complain about absurdly long load times. Having timed it myself, they reach upwards 45 seconds, and you’re treated to them every single time you die. That happens to be a lot, that’s sort of the point. Framerate drops are also common enough to be a bit an issue, occurring routinely in a few places in the early game, which – due to the aforementioned dieing a fucking lot – are revisited often.

Thankfully, Sony and From Software are both aware of the issue, and are working on a new patch that should fix it.

The development team is currently exploring another patch forĀ Bloodborne, seeking ways to improve load time duration, in addition to other performance optimizations and miscellaneous bug fixes.

There is no ETA on the patch, so in the meantime feel free to read a book or something inbetween your many deaths.