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I feel like I’ve been hearing about No Man’s Sky for years and years now, but on June 21st, I might actually get to play it. That is, of course, if the game is not *~delayed further into 2016~*.

No Man’s Sky will apparently retail for a whopping 60$, and I’m not quite sold on that price. If you’re a crazy person, you can drop a fat stack (roughly 150$) for the Explorer’s edition, which will include a hand-painted cast metal display of the Atlas ship in 1:35 scale. It even comes with some decals to make it your very own. The CE will also come with a special mystery item to be revealed at a later date. The mystery item could be anything!

The Explorer’s edition will only be available thorugh iam8bit, and only contains a code for the PC version of the game, though. PS4 owners can snag a special edition of their own, however, which includes a art book, a “starter pack” of various ship upgrades and weapons, comic book, and comes packaged in a steelbook case all for a cool 80$.


Sony has already come out ahead of E3 and admitted that their first party lineup leaves a lot to be desired. Will they throw us all for a curveball and announce some major titles? What of Last Guardian, will we see more of it or is it finally dead for good? Will we finally get a remake of Final Fantasy VII?? What about the vita games!?

Let’s face it, it’s going to be two hours of Uncharted 4, and everybody will love it.

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So far, Sony has been wiping the floor with everyone else. Microsoft put out a valiant effort this year, but was still lacking in games I’m actually interested in. Now it’s time to see what Sony pulls out… Last Guardian for PS4? Parappa 3? LET’S GET IT ON!

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