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Above is the trailer Nintendo just released for what was previously codenamed the NX. Surprise, it looks exactly like the previously leaked patent images that have been reported on everywhere. A tablet with removable controller sidebars, cartridges, and a TV dock.

The trailer also shows a new Mario game in the 64/Sunshine/Galaxy single-player mold, rather than the more multiplayer focused games they’ve been into for the past couple of generations. Praise Gorb.

Oh, and there’s portable Skrim, which is probably cool for people who still care about Skrim. The Switch will also have a version of Splatoon, apparently, but it’s unclear if it will be retroactively cross-buy with the Wii U version (ha ha, of course it won’t) or even have the same feature set. After all, a multiplayer-only portable game doesn’t seem like the best idea.

Among the last things shown is a new Pro controller which looks like a standard 360/Xone-style pad. That’s good news, as it might indicate that Nintendo is finally focusing on usability instead of gimmickry. Or not. The trailer does have a whole lot of people click-clackin’ them sidebars on and off of the thing. It’s fairly unrealistic, considering the guy on the plane was not eyeballing the dude playing like he’s a goddamned maniac.