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Hooray!!! Dragon Quest Heroes, the newest “Dynasty Warriors but with characters from another franchise” game, will be hitting our baka gaijin shores at some point this year. It releases in Japan tomorrow, and since it’s Dragon Quest, it’s such a big honkin’ deal that there are even special PS4 bundles associated with it.

Here, it’ll be a niche curiosity, much like the similarly styled (and also Omega Force-developed) Hyrule Warriors. I’ll still buy it, because I’m stupid. If you are also severely brain-damaged, you can preorder it from Square Enix’s online store here. But, legally, I am not allowed to advise that anyone buy Warriors-likes anymore. Not since that one time.

This looks SO GOOD! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I CAN’T WAIT! My love of Lupin III is finally intersecting with the only JRPG franchise worth playing.

Some things I picked up from this trailer:

  • Guns are back! Menu options include Weapon, Gun, Protector, Accessory, and Clothes. Protector will probably be Armor in the English translation, and Clothes are likely just cosmetic costumes.
  • New dungeon navigation, including jumping, cover, and apparent stealth mechanics, fitting with the new motif of master theivery. It’s unclear if these are within the real world, or some sort of Midnight Hour-type semi-reality.
  • In the battle scene, the party isn’t fighting generic enemies, but Sandmans and a Pyro Jack, who are usable Personas. This might mean that, instead of the Shuffle Time from the end of battles in P3 and 4, you negotiate with them mid-battle to obtain them, as in the mainline Shin Megami Tensei games.
  • This all looks dope as shit.