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Hey guys, you like Dark Souls, right? I mean, I thought it was kinda shitty, and preferred Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls II, but don’t worry, your perfect shining god full of terrible ideas, Hidetaka Miyazaki, is back at the helm for this thing!

Personally, after the massive disappointment that was Bloodborne, I’m not too thrilled about this development, but I can only hope that he’s simply in a supervisory role — after all, it seems like his involvement would have to be somewhat lessened simply because Dark Souls 3 is coming out next year.

Here you can see Hideki Kamiya heself introduce Scalebound, a XONE-exclusive that is now set for holiday 2016. In it, you play as a dude named Drew who has headphones and a dragon arm and can direct the dragon around to breathe fire on stuff to destroy it. It also has loot and damage numbers.

Oh, and it has 4-player co-op, which… Ehhh…

Apparently, Mafia III takes place in the late 60’s-to-mid-70’s, as this trailer prominently features a black Vietnam War veteran who has been wronged in some way and enlists his own “family” to exact revenge — and also Vito Scaletti, the main character of previous Mafia games, is there too. I’m not sure why. Also, he feeds a dude to gators.

This looks rad, even if it is very different from previous entries.