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It’s a story we’ve surely heard a million times. Plenty of outlets have done their own pieces about it, and many of us grew up in the midst of it, but Gaming Historian’s video on the formation of the ESRB is a comprehensive and all around well put together look at one of the industry’s most pivotal moments. We don’t often share other people’s videos here on Destroy All Children, but this one is worth the watch.


Batman can get pretty dark (as an example, the Joker recently had his face removed, then hooked back on with belts), but has maintained a sort of PG-13 level of darkness about it when it comes to movies, games, and TV shows. Arkham Knight will apparently be breaking that mold, as it has been given an M rating by the ESRB.

The news comes from Sefton Hill, the game’s director, who told IGN that the story they created for the game just happened to stick them with the mature rating. He went on to say that they wouldn’t be making any changes to get a friendlier rating, though I suppose time will tell if DC decides to intervene and sort that out.