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Pictured: Director David Lynch decides he has better things to do than release Twin Peaks on the previously-announced schedule.

Today in completely unsurprising news, the new season of Twin Peaks, which has already been plagued with numerous production issues (including Lynch walking away from the project, only to be wooed back, presumably for a big bag of cash), has now slipped from its projected 2016 air date. No further details are available, including when, exactly, in The Year Of Our Jericho 17 it will premiere, but for now we just have to take solace in the fact that at some point, we’ll all get to know the answer to the real question:


How’s Annie?


Dead, probably, I dunno.

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Yesssss! Criterion knocks it out of the park in October, with another David Lynch film (Mulholland Dr., following last year’s Eraserhead — maybe next October we’ll get Lost Highway or Inland Empire) as well as another Cronenberg (The Brood). Add to the mix Kwaidan, a classic ghost story from director Masaki Kobayashi (Samurai Rebellion), some Gus Van Sant movie I don’t care about with Keanu “Whoa” Reeves and River “Dead” Phoenix, and A Special Day, which teams Marcello Mastroianni with Sophia Loren, and you’ve got a pretty damn good month.

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Pictured: One of cinema’s greatest geniuses.

After leaving the project due to creative differences, USA Today reports that David Lynch has worked out a deal with Showtime to direct the entirety of this new season. Showtime president David Nevins also said it will be more than the previously announced nine hours, perhaps a full 13 or more episodes. He also states that pre-production is beginning now, so hopefully the show will come out sooner rather than later. It’s best to not give Lynch too much time to change his mind.

It turns out Laura Palmer’s message to Agent Cooper within the Black Lodge, “I’ll see you again in 25 years,” is panning out nicely. Showtime, of all channels, will produce a 9-episode limited series continuation of perhaps the greatest television show ever produced, if you don’t count the really bad episodes.  The best part is that David Lynch and Mark Frost will co-write the entire season, with Lynch directing every episode.

Other info from a Deadline interview with Mark Frost includes the possible return of Kyle MacLachlan, as well as a reveal that this won’t be the originally intended third season, but rather something entirely new. Considering how many cast members have died since then, that’s not too surprising, but it seems insane that there wouldn’t be at least a couple of characters coming back. Frost says we’ll know about MacLachlan’s involvement, “sooner rather than later,” so it’s time to wait it out with a nice slice of pie and a hot mug of coffee, black as a moonless night.




Twin Peaks is finally coming to blu-ray.

The seminal classic will be available in blu-ray by July 29th, so get ready to watch up until the halfway point of season 2 where you’ll immediately and suddenly lose interest!

Also includes deleted scenes supervised by Lynch himself!

Any Lynch fan will know this means even less questions will get answered, brand new questions will be pulled out of nothing, and most of the material will be totally irrelevant to the mystery. But it will be compelling irrelevancy!

Fingers crossed now for the long-awaited blu-ray re-release of the David Lynch black and white classic “The Amputee.”