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Microsoft’s E3 presentation is about to start. I’d like to lead off with the things we know, or at least are extremely likely to happen:

  • Gameplay of Scalebound, Hideki Kamiya’s new XONE-exclusive.
  • Gameplay of Crackdown and Rise of the Tomb Raider.
  • Reveal of Battletoads and Gears of War HD.
  • Finding out what the hell’s going on with Quantum Break.
  • More Hololens garbage

There might be some more surprises in store. Let’s hope so. I will be watching this on Spike TV, to avoid internet-related hiccups, so there will be a lack of screenshots at this time. They’ll be added in later. Kick-Ass is on right now. Thanks, Spike.

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Having watched the Microsoft conference and Sony conference in their entirety, I have come to the completely professional and unbiased opinion about the both of them and which one of the two gaming monoliths came out victorious. First is to mention how shocked I was that both consoles seemed to have games I wanted to play! It hasn’t been years since I thought, “Wow, I want to check out every system.” Aside from EA and Ubisoft’s horrible showings, this E3 was the least disappointing E3 in years. But yes, whom do I believe put on a better show?

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