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Not a fan of Bethesda's new logo.

Not a fan of Bethesda’s new logo.

Besides absolutely killed it with DOOM, although the lion’s share of that game’s success is owed to Id. Beyond that, it’s no secret that I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Bethesda. Will they be able to pull out something that actually gets me excited by the end of their conference? Join me and find out. This is your E3 2016 Bethesda media briefing live blog assfuck jamboree.


AW SHIT, Quake is back.

Quake Champions is a arena style FPS for the PC. They’re going out of their way to impress that the game will move fast, have an unlocked framerate, and will look crazy good. Consider how great DOOM was, bringing Quake back is the exact right thing to do, and a hell of a good way to start the show. It’s all down hill from here, I’m sure.

Ooh, we got unlocked FPS, ooh we got badass characters. You're gonna love my game.

Ooh, we got unlocked FPS, ooh we got badass characters. You’re gonna love my game.


Rolling right into Elder Scrolls Legends, so, great. To be fair, following up Quake Legends wasn’t going to be easy. And then the stream crashed, completely. So I think even it didn’t have any patience for this wanna be Hearthstone bullshit.

This dude has a sick talking owl, though.

This dude has a sick talking owl, though.

Legends will be coming to ipad, Mac, phones, and basically everything else later this year.


Bethesda will be doubling down on Fallout 4‘s shittiest content by offering such hot new base building mechanics like elevators, and conveyor belts. Wowee. Ohhhh boy. You can make tracks and build your own dumbass Rube Goldberg machine. And if that’s not enough to satisfy you, you can now build your own vault.

Oh and that remaster of Skyrim everyone totally knew was happening is happening. The remaster will include improvements to lighting, shaders, depth of field, and will have mod support on console. Essentially everything that was rumored to be in the update. It does look pretty good, but under that shiny new surface, it’s still the same Skyrim. Whether or not that’s worth the investment is up to you.




Good news everyone, the press sneak fucks couldn’t stop Prey 2 from becoming a thing. Well, ok, maybe a little bit. Prey looks to be getting the reboot treatment, so while it’s not Prey 2 exactly, it’s still a new Prey.

I pray it won't get delayed. Get it? Cause it's Prey. Rate this joke on a scale of 1-10, send your response to

I pray it won’t get delayed. Get it? Cause it’s Prey. Rate this joke on a scale of 1-10, send your response to

DOOM‘s first level will be free for everybody for this week only on all systems, so go download that, cause DOOM is such a good game. It’ssuchagood game. They’re saying it harkens back to DOOM’s shareware days, even though it’s really… just a timed demo, but whatever. DOOM will also get a few new maps and an additional demon for multiplayer mode, but nobody in their right mind cares about that. Not even me, and I kinda like DOOM’s multiplayer.

Matt Thyroid is here to tell everyone about how great The Elder Scrolls Online is doing, so if you don’t mind I’m going to go get something to eat.

“As you can see, the community loves playing Elder Scrolls Online”

“Hell yeah” yells some girl who is OBVIOUSLY A MARK.

A Dark Brotherhood expansion will be coming to The Elder Scrolls Online. The same woman from before is losing her motherfucking mind about this video game.

“All content barriers are gone.”

This woman.

But, yes, as soon as you leave the tutorial you’ll now be able to go anywhere. That’s probably very neat for people who care about this game, like this psychopath in the audience.


Blink 182 will also be dropping their new album after the show and putting on a little performance. Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb are here, and I think I might have slipped into a time hole to 2002.


Bethesda will be offering VR support for both DOOM and Fallout 4, I am excited for exactly one of those. If the promise of VR is playing DOOM in VR, then I’m on fucking board. Now let’s catch up with Adam and Morgan.



Dishonored 2, which we’re now getting to see quite a bit more gameplay of, looks pretty great.


There’s a lot going on here, but the gameplay demo will likely be up on youtube within a couple hours of the conference ending. Rather than drone out all the details, we’ll post gameplay footage once it’s available.

Dishonored 2 will have a limited edition that comes with a replica of Corvo’s mask. If you pre-order the game now you can also get a free copy of the original game with all the DLC.


And that’s the Bethesda conference. Overall, prettyyy prettyyyy prettyyyyyy good, a clear leap ahead of last year’s show. Granted, last year was almost entirely Fallout 4, which does nothing for me. But throwing out some hot Dishonored gameplay, rebooting Prey, announcing a new Quake, and announcing that DOOM will get VR support are all be pluses.

We’ll be back tomorrow with more live blogging. It’s Sony and Microsoft’s turn to show off what they’ve got, and Ubisoft will surely have a total fucking disaster on their hands like they do every year. So stay tuned, because tomorrow is when E3 truly begins.

Even my character looks fucking done with this game a scant 10 minutes in.

Even my character looks fucking done with this game a scant 10 minutes in.

Fallout 4 is the latest game the Internet seems to be blowing its collective load over, and I find that baffling, cause it ain’t a good game.
If you don’t want to read several paragraphs where I get mad about Fallout 4, then let me sum things up for you right out of the gate: there’s an overabundance of content, and approximately zero soul. Basically, it’s every major RPG Bethesda has released since Oblivion, and while content over quality is something that may have worked in, say, 2008 when Fallout 3 was brand new, it shouldn’t get a pass now.
But I have more to say about that, so why not hit that little “read more” button and watch me lose my damn mind about this video game.

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Richie Branson felt one thing was missing from Fallout 4’s gloomy post-apocalypse Boston, and that was the lack of anything Red Sox related. So, earlier this week, he set out to do something about that, creating a mod that inserts Red Sox jerseys into the game. Specifically, Branson wanted to get in Ortiz’s jersey, because, as he explains it, “”He’s big, he’s massive, so I figured he’d be the right one to survive the apocalypse.”

It’s an amusing and totally inoffensive mod, but Major League Baseball is not even a little bit happy about it. A spokesman for the MLB went so far as to say “The use of these marks is an infringement of our rights. We plan to enforce those rights,” though Branson has yet to hear anything from the MLB directly. He admits, however, the the high cost of going to court over a tiny little mod would not be worth it, and that he would comply with a take down notice should he receive one. It’s important to point out that Branson’s mod is distributed for free, and so how much he’s actually infringing on a copyright is debatable.

You can read more by checking out The Boston Globe’s article here.


As you may already know, Fallout 4‘s release date was announced at Bethesda’s E3 press conference. You can expect the open world RPG to drop on November 10th, 2015. Yep, that’s right, this year. That is assuming it doesn’t get shoved back into 2016 as we near the holidays. Time will tell if that’s the case, but in the meantime you can click clack and swipe and wipe or whatever it is you do on iOS games with the Fallout 4 companion app, Fallout Shelter, which is out right now.

With the release date announcement also came a slew of details on what to expect in the game. Character creation will let you model a husband and wife couple, their appearance having an effect on how their child looks. You’ll only play as one of them, though. The game begins pre-apocalypse, but the bomb drops shortly after. You emerge from the vault 200 years later, meet a dog, and begin your journey across the wasteland.

Weapon and armor customization seems to be insanely deep, and it looks like there will be some base building and tower defense involved too. Oh and you can build dog houses. Fallout 4 looks pretty dang good.


Oh my God, what? It’s E3 already?

And now we start our desent into madness with Bethesda’s E3 2015 press conference. We’ll certainly see more of Fallout 4, but will we see Dishonored 2? More importantly, will Bethesda come out swinging with their first E3 conference, or will the entire thing be an unmitigated disaster? We’ll find out soon enough.

DAC’s E3 coverage starts here with the Bethesda Conference live blog live.

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It’s two weeks before E3 so you know what that means: it’s time to find out about all the hot new games well in advance of any conference. The first big reveal is here, and it’s Fallout 4, hooraaaay.

We don’t currently know a whole lot about the upcoming installment in the popular Bethesda franchise other than its setting of Boston, and that you may – at least very likely – have a dog. It’s probably safe to assume that more information will be revealed once E3 actually comes around, but for now you can watch that trailer on repeat until your brain rots.



Coming right off the heels of Gabe Newell and Bethesda trying to explain why paid mods are great for everyone, Valve has decided, well, maybe they actually aren’t: what on account of most people being downright furious about it, and costing Valve (according to Newell in his Reddit AMA) something to to the tune of a million dollars in less than a week due to bad publicity. Mods, by that point, had only made the company $10k.

And so, figuring that math was all kinds of fucked, Valve issued a statement saying that the paid mod feature will be removed, and anybody who purchased a mod will receive a full refund. On retrospect, it’s too bad I didn’t buy that Ben Franklin sword for a cool hundo. We all make mistakes, and I suppose that’s the moral of this story.

You can read everything Valve has to say about the matter here. And now that this dark chapter has come to a close, we can focus on other – arguably just as bleak – news.

In an interview with CNET, Bethesda Vice President Pete Hines announced what we’ve all known for years now: Prey 2 isn’t going to happen.  No real solid reason for its cancellation was cited, other than that the development was trouble in general.

“Human Head Studios is no longer working on. It’s a franchise we still believe we can do something with — we just need to see what that something is,” said Hines, making a noble effort to assure us that maybe one day, in the far flung future, we’ll see more Prey. But for now it’s not happening, and that’s alright, because I don’t really think anybody expected it to happen by this point anyway.