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Hey guys, you like Dark Souls, right? I mean, I thought it was kinda shitty, and preferred Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls II, but don’t worry, your perfect shining god full of terrible ideas, Hidetaka Miyazaki, is back at the helm for this thing!

Personally, after the massive disappointment that was Bloodborne, I’m not too thrilled about this development, but I can only hope that he’s simply in a supervisory role — after all, it seems like his involvement would have to be somewhat lessened simply because Dark Souls 3 is coming out next year.

Dragonball Xenoverse is out now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This review is based on the PC version of the game.

Dragonball Xenoverse is out now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This review is based on the PC version of the game.

Dragonball games haven’t exactly been a bastion of innovation, with the majority of titles rigidly following the structure first introduced in the PS2 era Tenkaichi games. Thankfully, Namco Bandai’s latest effort, Dragonball Xenoverse, looks to shake up that tired format. Unfortunately, nothing really works out in Xenoverse, leaving it as a menagerie of poorly executed ideas.

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Tonight’s Witching Hour will cover Dragonball Xenoverse. Maybe. Turns out Bandai Namco is having a hell of a time getting Xenoverse’s servers to not crap blood. At last check, they’re currently down, with Bandai issuing this statement:

Dear Dragon Ball Xenoverse players,

You may be facing some issues to log on to Dragon Ball Xenoverse servers but be assured that we are taking care of this situation to fix it as soon as possible.

As of today and mainly on Playstation 4, you may face:
– Denied connection to the server
– Denied connection to single or multiplayer lobbies
– Unintentional log out after entering lobbies

In order to confirm the issues and solve them, we are working on:
– Tweaking servers configuration to adapt requirement of each platforms
– Keep on raising the log on limit for servers
– Changing settings of server database to improve stability.

When these changes will be applied to the servers, they may cause unintentional log out during gameplay or “server maintenance” status.

Considering server outages actually impact the single player lobby (because hey that’s great why not) this could disrupt tonight’s stream. If I’m unable to get the game running in time, then expect a blind playthrough of Resident Evil Revelations 2.

The stream starts in a few hours (midnight, est), you can watch it live at, or catch it archived on our YouTube channel.

[I have also been experiencing server issues with Xenoverse since its launch. It’s a real shitshow. I just want to kamehameha some giant monkeys. — Larry]

jstarsBandai-Namco have decided to do something worthwhile for once, announcing that J-Stars Victory Vs, a Shonen Jump-themed “fighting” game that acts as a 3D extension of the Jump Super/Ultimate Stars DS games, will be coming to the US this summer on PS4 as J-Stars Victory Vs+. You can preorder it from Amazon here. The previous Stars games never got a release here, due to the insane licensing issues that would no doubt happen when you have a game featuring Naruto, Luffy, Goku, Bo-BoBo, and Ichigo.  The full roster of the US version has not been announced, which might mean that not all characters will make the jump. If that turns out to be the case, it’ll be a sad day indeed. I imported the game this past year, and found it to be a pretty enjoyable mashup, though if you’re expecting any real depth you might be disappointed. While disappointing compared to the DS games, it’s at least better than Smash Bros.

Second on the docket: One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 is also coming this summer to PS4s, notably in a physical release. Pirate Warriors 2 was a digital-only release on PSN, but apparently it sold well enough to warrant an actual disc this time. No word on if this one will simply be subtitled, as PW2 was, or if it will feature a dub. You can also preorder it right here. Pirate Warriors 2 is, so far, my favorite of the Warriors-styled games (it’s not actually part of the Dynasty Warriors series), with its main fault being the sluggish framerate. Hopefully the POWER OF THE PLAYSTATION FOURTH will alleviate that. But who knows.