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I mean, that’s pretty much it. It’s called WWE Immortals. There aren’t any other details to speak of right now, but considering the runaway success the Injustice mobile game enjoyed, it shouldn’t come as a shock that they’re doing something similar.  You can read the whole self-fellating press release after the break, where they don’t mention if you can make Bane break John Cena’s back, or have the Hulkster fight his arch-nemesis: Captain Boomerang.

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Developed by Ustwo. Click above to buy on the Android App Store.

I really liked Echochrome. It was a puzzle game on PS3, where you would rotate stages around, and by changing the perspective you created impossible, MC Escher-like paths with which to guide your auto-walking guy to the exit. Monument Valley is, in many ways, a lot like Echochrome. It’s just not nearly as good.

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