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Steam Machines are now a physical product you can buy, and hey, that’s kinda cool. But you might be wondering to yourself just how worth it it really is. Well the nerds over at Ars Technica decided to do a bit of testing to find out how a handful of games performed on the Steam OS compared to the PC, and the results – as you probably figured out by reading the gosh dang title to this article – do not tip in Valve’s favor.

You can check out the benchmarking graphs on the Ars Technica article by clicking here. Some of the more interesting highlights are from Valve’s own games, which across the board run worse on the Steam OS than they do on Windows, with only L4D2 being close to even (it performs at 1 frame less than on a Windows 10 machine.) The article points out that games built from the ground up with OpenGL and Linux in mind could perform better than they would on a Windows 10 enabled machine, but they also make a point that comparable Windows loaded computers can be purchased for ~$50 less than a Steam Machine through Alienware.