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You're telling me I can get Subnautica for 25% off? Greeeeeeeeeat

You’re telling me I can get Subnautica for 25% off? Greeeeeeeeeat

The annual Autumn Steam sale has begun and it sure looks dire. Not only is it kicking right off the bat with some early access garbage, but this sale is lacking some features many have come to regard as standard. These missing features include the flash sales, community picks, and lightning deals. These compromises were made for the sale’s theme, exploration, which roughly translates to “haha fuck you, find the deals!” There’s not even any trading cards, which seems like an odd thing to not include considering how much they’ve played into past sales.

As I mentioned, the deals themselves aren’t even that great, though that could change as the sale progresses, and in the end the deals are what matters the most. Still, it’s a little disheartening to see Steam’s idea of a sale this year amount to “whatever, put a shark on here and tell them to find the deals,” considering the one thing you could always expect from Steam sales was some weird meta game. It just seems low effort.


PSN and Xbox Live were both knocked offline on Christmas Eve in a DDoS attack, and while Live recovered fairly quickly, PSN was out for a whopping five days. To make up for the inconvenience, Sony is giving all PS+ members (provided they had valid memberships as of the 25th) a five day extension on their membership, free of charge. Additionally, PSN users will get a 10% discount coupon, good for the entire value of a single cart purchase. The coupon is redeemable on all games, shows, and movies.

Sony has yet to release a date for when all of this will take effect. In the meantime, Sony’s Playstation Store Holiday Sale has been extended until the 6th, and there’s probably some games on there so uh, go nuts.


Let’s be honest, if you wanted Far Cry 3, Don’t Starve, or The Witcher 2, you would have bought them the last million times they were on sale.  That’s not to say the first day of the Steam Summer Sale isn’t without some highlights; Dark Souls 2 is currently 33% off, and you can get 25% off your pre-order of Dead Rising 3.  Or dump 4.99 on Mirror’s Edge, that hot jam from 2008.

The sale will last until June 30th.