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Coming right off the heels of Gabe Newell and Bethesda trying to explain why paid mods are great for everyone, Valve has decided, well, maybe they actually aren’t: what on account of most people being downright furious about it, and costing Valve (according to Newell in his Reddit AMA) something to to the tune of a million dollars in less than a week due to bad publicity. Mods, by that point, had only made the company $10k.

And so, figuring that math was all kinds of fucked, Valve issued a statement saying that the paid mod feature will be removed, and anybody who purchased a mod will receive a full refund. On retrospect, it’s too bad I didn’t buy that Ben Franklin sword for a cool hundo. We all make mistakes, and I suppose that’s the moral of this story.

You can read everything Valve has to say about the matter here. And now that this dark chapter has come to a close, we can focus on other – arguably just as bleak – news.